Training Methods


BIG BRAIN’s distinctive proposition is built around a set of core fundamentals: Integrating skill building with knowledge Customizing training content based on exact need of our partner institutions Mandatory training and certification of our trainers, before they start training at our partner institutions

Training of trainers & subsequent certification

- Facilitation & Counselling of trainees

- Module specific subject matter expertise

- Assessment & Certification of trainees

- Feedback sharing & action for the way forward

Measurable Impact of trainings

- Measuring impact, individually for all students

- Pre Assessment

- Mid Assessment

- Post Assessment

BIG BRAIN has a proprietary tool by which we will track the delivery of the training as per plan to the objective of the training is met. Training effectiveness audits Customer satisfaction measurement through a rigorous feedback mechanism

Training Delivery through

- Audio/Videos

- Role Plays

- Learning exercise

- Mock sessions

- Interactive & participative games